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Mastering the Art of Answering “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” in Job Interviews

A common question that interviewers ask during job interviews is, “Why do you want to work here?”. It might seem like a simple question, but your response can significantly impact your chances of getting hired. Understanding why interviewers ask this question and how to answer it effectively can give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?

When asking “Why do you want to work here?”, interviewers are trying to assess several factors that can help them decide whether you’re the right fit for the job. These factors include:

  1. Your knowledge about the position, the company, and the industry: This question helps interviewers gauge your understanding of the job role and the company’s objectives, as well as your awareness of the industry’s trends and challenges.
  2. Your level of interest in the particular job: Interviewers want to know if you’re genuinely interested in the role or if you’re just looking for any job opportunity.
  3. Your career goals alignment with the position: Employers prefer candidates whose long-term career goals are in line with the job responsibilities and the company’s growth plans.

The Power of an Effective Answer

Let’s compare two answers given by equally-qualified candidates when asked this question:

Candidate 1: “I want to work here because I recently relocated to NY with my family, and I need a new company to practice my profession and make a living.”

Candidate 2: “Actually, your ad campaigns are what got me into advertising in the first place! Your creativity and out-of-the-box approach to advertising really inspired me as a professional, which is why I applied for this position as soon as I saw the job opening!”

The second candidate’s response is more effective and likely to leave a positive impression on the interviewer because:

  • It demonstrates their knowledge of the company and its values.
  • It showcases the candidate’s passion for the field.
  • It convinces the interviewer that the candidate is committed to the job for the long-term.

Crafting the Perfect Answer

To craft an impressive response to “Why do you want to work here?”, follow these tips:

  1. Research the company: Understand its mission, values, and company culture. Familiarize yourself with their products or services and identify what sets them apart from their competitors.
  2. Identify your personal connection: Find aspects of the company or the job role that resonate with your interests, values, or career goals.
  3. Be specific and genuine: Use concrete examples to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company or the job role. Avoid generic or cliché statements, and express your genuine interest in working for the organization.

5 Sample Answers of this question

Sample Answer 1 – Why Do You Want to Work Here? I’ve conducted extensive research on your company and was truly inspired by your mission and values. It’s evident that you prioritize employee satisfaction and career growth, which resonates with my long-term career goals. I believe that joining your organization would offer me the opportunity to be part of a team that genuinely makes a difference in the industry, and I’m eager to contribute my skills and expertise to help further your success.

Sample Answer 2 – Why Do You Want to Work Here? One of the main reasons I want to work here is your company’s reputation for innovation and embracing new ideas. I’m passionate about staying ahead of industry trends, and I feel that my background in research and development would be a perfect fit for your team. I’m excited to work in an environment that nurtures creativity and encourages employees to think outside the box, and I believe your company offers precisely that.

Sample Answer 3 – Why Do You Want to Work Here? Your company’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility is something that I find particularly compelling. I’ve always been passionate about making a positive impact on our planet, and I believe that working for a company with a similar commitment would allow me to combine my career aspirations with my personal values. I’m excited about the prospect of contributing to your ongoing efforts to reduce your environmental footprint and drive sustainable change within the industry.

Sample Answer 4 – Why Do You Want to Work Here? During my research, I discovered that your company has a strong track record of promoting from within and offering opportunities for career advancement. I’m looking for a long-term commitment with an organization that values employee growth and development, and your company seems like an ideal match. I’m excited to join a team that invests in its employees and offers a clear path for career progression, and I’m confident that my skills and experience would make me a valuable asset.

Sample Answer 5 – Why Do You Want to Work Here? I was immediately drawn to your company’s culture of diversity and inclusion, as it aligns with my belief that a diverse workforce leads to innovative solutions and a more robust organization. I appreciate your commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, and I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from various backgrounds and perspectives. I believe that my ability to work effectively in diverse teams would make me a strong addition to your company.


Answering “Why do you want to work here?” effectively can significantly improve your chances of landing the job. By understanding the interviewer’s intentions, researching the company, and crafting a thoughtful response, you can showcase your passion and commitment, setting yourself apart from other candidates.

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