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The Advantages of Video Resumes

Employers appreciate that video resume save them time, since they can quickly investigate new candidates without wasting time and candidates don’t have to travel to offices . Plus, it allows them to quickly screen out applicants who are obviously not fit for the position anyway.

It’s also much easier to create a video resume than a written one. You don’t need to find the right words or organize a series of different ideas. Instead, all you have to do is give short answers of few questions like who you are, your previous work experience & education, what are your skill sets are etc. Video resume sites allow anyone with a web camera and computer access to create professional videos for their resumes. Most sites have clear instructions for uploading videos so that site admins can tag them properly and professionally edit them for quality. The end result is a short video profile that highlights your skills and experience effectively.

If you’re looking at applying for a job, a video resume can help you stand out from other candidates. Employers will quickly skim through your profiles if they’re searching online and want to see if you have the right personality for the job. A well-made video resume shows that you’re confident without being cocky- and dedicated without being dull- without wasting any time at all! Employers will be quick to choose you over candidates who waste their time creating poorly edited videos!

Video resumes are also helpful if you’re seeking career advice or want some feedback on your career goals from someone familiar with the field. A friend can watch your video resume and give you advice on how to improve it or tell you if it’s right for you or not. This is especially helpful if you’re unsure about which career path to take in life- someone with experience in your field can tell you which jobs are best for you and which ones might not be worth pursuing at all.

Because video resumes are so easy, convenient, and effective, the world has embraced this new trend in resume writing! Employers love the convenience of being able to view short videos quickly. And aspiring professionals find these profiles helpful when deciding on their future courses of action. If anything, this growing trend has only cemented my opinion that everyone should have at least one good video on their resume!

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