Why do you want to Leave your current job- Best answer you can give

Most commonly asked question in a job interview is why you want to leave your current job. This is a tricky one ant it opens the door to negotiate your salary up and down. Let’s find out the best way to answer so you can get the best deal.

When you’re asked in an interview why you want to leave your current job, the best response might just be, “I’m not looking to leave my current job.” This strategy is particularly effective if you’ve been recruited for the position and aren’t actively job searching. Here’s why this answer can give you an advantage:  When you’re asked to job interview why do you wanna leave your current job do you wanna know the absolute best answer to give it’s I’m not looking to leave my current job this answer really only works if you were recruited by a company and you’re not really actively looking for a job nothing goes over better in a job interview then you not really wanting to work there you’re not really interested you can say something like I’m actually not looking for a job I was coming because I received email or someone from Linkedin asked me to join the interview so I’m here for an exploratory conversation to build relationship to see what you have to offer. Nothing goes over better then this answer because then they jump into sales mode. Hiring company think about all the things that they can tell you to recruit you to their organization. It’s a lot like going to the bar when you’re married you’re gonna attract a lot more people when you’re unavailable and uninterested.

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